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  • Hunter's first and newest fully automatic, leverless head, tire changer.

  • Complete with touchscreen interface and video animations to train operators.

  • "Go" pedal controls, powered press arms, and space saving wheel lift.

  • Demount in 1:20 and remount in 0:40. Average time is 2 minutes.

  • Handles tires from 12" to 30".

  • Changes tires 30% faster than other models.

  • NO experience needed to train technicians!


Auto 34

  • Dynamic leverless tool head design.

  • Simple push button controls with 3 easy switches and 1 foot pedal. Includes manual controls.

  • Versatile clamping system adjusts to three working heights.

  • Handles rims as small as 10" up to as big as 34".

  • Expandable base adjusts from 30" to 34" to assist with larger rims.

  • Match-mounting capabilities allows the tire to spin on the rim to match the stiffest point on the tire to the lowest spot on the rim.

  • Bead press arm helps mount/demount difficult tires.

  • Blast inflation asists with seating of the bead.

TC3900/3700/3300 Series

  • Basic 3300 comes with the standard tilted design, floating 3 point arm, bead press arm, and side shovel bead loosener.

  • Next step up is the 3700 which adds the blast inflation to help seat the bead. Moveable rear column to assist with 50" tires.  The 3700 highlights the split bead roller system that helps gently loosen the beads.

  • The top of the series is the 3900 that comes with the leverless demount head. The rear column adjusts to assist with rims from 12" to 28". Adjustable three height position table top. Also comes with the exclusive match-mounting which spins the tire on the rim to match the stiffest point in the tire with the lowest point in the rim.


  • Fast and easy leverless tool head design.

  • Dynamic bead press system.

  • Automatic swing arm.

  • PowerOut side shovel with finger tip controls.

  • Adjustable height clamping with two positions.

  • Internal and external wheel clamping.

  • Handles tires 12" to 30".

  • Tabletop motor provides two speeds forward and one speed reverse.

TXC53/51/50 Series

  • The TCX50 is a base model tabletop tire changer that handles tires from 10" to 26" .

  • The TCX51 series adds the Bead Press Arm to assist with mounting and demounting. It has an optional Leverless Head. The swing arm column locks in for rim diameter. Also includes the PowerOut shovel controls.

  • The top of the series, TCX53, comes with everything listed above but adds the powerful Bead Press System which makes tire changing a breeze. Also comes with featherable controls making clamping simple and quick. There is an optional fixed press arm to help with low profile tires.

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